Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Prayer for Tuesday, June 2

Amazing and Awesome God,
  You are all-knowing.  There is not an event in the universe that escapes your mind, and not a thought that passes through the mind of humans that is not known to you.  The ocean of information that is new every second is not too great for you, and the smallest, most trifling occurrence in my day is not too small for you.  You have knowledge of all, and of each.
  Your wisdom and power are amazing, God.  You have created this world and you care for it.  You know all, even the most hurtful, damaging thoughts we think, and still you love us, and still you offer redemption and new life to us.  When our minds become twisted and hateful, you still create a pathway through repentance back to new life, back to wholeness.  When we turn violently against you and one another, you open your arms on the cross and let the vastness of your love be known for all to see and all to be saved.  You redeem, you provide, you rescue, you save.
  Lord, you know all.  You care about all.  Your hands are at work in each and every life.  Thank you, Lord, for how deeply you care and how well you provide.  Remind me throughout this day to be amazed at how wonderful you are.


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