Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Prayer for Wednesday, June 3

All powerful God,
  I link power to demonstrated strength.  When I see people with large muscles, I know they are strong, and I believe they are powerful.  When others get large groups of people to follow them and do as they please, this strength is understood as power.
  You, however, change all this.  You demonstrate your power and strength by choosing to serve.  You willingly lay down your strength and serve in humility, with love and gentleness, so that others may be welcomed into your embrace, motivated by love, rather than driven by fear.  You lay yourself down in humility so that others may be lifted up, and in doing so you demonstrate true power and strength.  Your power is not rooted in physical strength, and it's not demonstrated through coercion, but it rather shows up when you kneel to wash the feet of the disciples, when you willingly spend time with the outcast, when you ascend the cross to absorb the blows of my sin.  You, O Lord, demonstrate your strength and power in stunning and incredible ways, and it is so hard for me to accept your love and grace.
  Convert me once more, O Lord, that this heart may find its true rhythm in you.  Teach me to show your strength in a willingness to serve others, and grant me a life that seeks to use whatever strength I have to lift the eyes of others to the hills, from whence my help comes, for it comes from you alone!


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